blogSource code and tools behind my blog10 days
circgraphTool for calculating the equivalent impedance/capacitance of a circuitFranklin Wei7 months
csaaCloud Storage Assurance Architecture proof-of-conceptFranklin Wei13 months
dcrDistributed Container Repository proof-of-concept2 months
designsVarious CAD things6 months
duckyA simple BASIC-like programming language compiling into CFranklin Wei17 months
fieldvizEM field visualizerFranklin Wei5 months
halibutMy halibut treeFranklin Wei17 months
libfmlFrank's Math LibraryFranklin Wei5 months
market-simA retro stock-trading gameFranklin Wei17 months
netcosmA MUD ServerFranklin Wei17 months
puzzlesMy sgt-puzzles treeFranklin Wei10 months
raytraceWorld's worst raytracerFranklin Wei17 months
rockboxMy Rockbox treeFranklin Wei17 months
xenonchessWorld's worst chess engineFranklin Wei17 months
yacasWorld's worst CASFranklin Wei17 months